Jackie Chan Dead? 2013 Death Rumors Addressed, Tells Manager He’ll Call If He Dies

Is Jackie Chan dead? No, and the famous Chinese actor even recently spoke on live TV about all the Jackie Chan death hoaxes that keep coming up in 2013.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors about Jackie Chan’s death are intended to spread viruses or to steal personal information.

When asked on TV why there’s been two hoaxes on the internet claiming he’s died, Jackie Chan responded:

“I don’t know. No, more than twice. More than twice!”

The typical Jackie Chan death hoax claims the stuntman fell to his death from the top of building during filming an action movie scene. But the hoaxes are usually filled with conflicting reports. For example, some will say Jackie Chan died on the scene but then several sentences later he’s fighting for his life in a hospital.

Jackie Chan says just this past week he received a phone call where someone was so glad that he was still alive, exclaiming, “Oh my God!” He describes the scene with his hand held up to his head like a telephone:

“My manager called me in the United States, asking, ‘Are you okay?’ ‘I’m okay.’ ‘Everybody thought you’d died this morning!’ ‘What!,’ I said. ‘No, no… don’t worry, before I die I’ll call you.'”

Jackie Chan even took a photo as evidence that he was still alive, depicting himself holding a newspaper with a recent date. Or is Jackie Chan dead and his ghost knows how to use Photoshop?