Bigfoot DNA Evidence Turns Out To Be Bear Hair

Bigfoot DNA evidence has turned out to be a hoax after all. Apparently the hair belongs to a rare species of bear.

Bigfoot might still be a myth after all, as one of the only solid pieces of evidence we have of the creature was put back under the microscope and turned out to match something we already know about. Even though the hair samples were found in very different parts of the Himalayas, they seem to share DNA with the 40,000 year old jawbone of a polar bear found in Norway.

Professor Bryan Sykes, a professor of human genetics at the University of Oxford, is one of several scientists involved in an upcoming documentary called Bigfoot Files. He states that the DNA results gave everybody an exciting and completely unexpected surprise as the match was made with the animal.

Professor Bryan Sykes stated about the discovery:

“But we can speculate on what the possible explanation might be. It could mean there is a sub species of brown bear in the High Himalayas descended from the bear that was the ancestor of the polar bear. Or it could mean there has been more recent [hybridization] between the brown bear and the descendent of the ancient polar bear.”

The Bigfoot DNA evidence is one of many results that professor Bryan Sykes is expected to delve into during the TV series which airs on October 20 in the UK.

The DNA match between the supposed Himalayan Bigfoot and the ancient polar bear suggests that the bear in question may have descendants living secretly where we have never seen them before. It also suggests that other pieces of evidence may point to hair samples matching everything from replicated Chewbacca costumes to animals that rarely make human contact.

As the good professor has shown, Bigfoot may just be a big elaborate hoax after all, as the Bigfoot DNA evidence simply points to an animal we may not have known existed.