Gwyneth Paltrow Couldn’t Stop Vanity Fair’s Coming Slam Piece

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Gwyneth Paltrow is about to totally catch it in Vanity Fair, despite her efforts to convince celeb friends not to participate in the less than flattering piece.

Gwyneth Paltrow is, at the best of times, not universally loved — and Martha Stewart even recently took aim at the self-styled lifestyle diva and Goop denizen for biting off her whole Martha thing.

Stewart, who is likely not tangential to the Vanity Fair Paltrow piece, said recently:

“I haven’t eaten at Gwyneth’s house, and I’ve never seen how she lives. But if she is authentic, all the better. I mean, I certainly hope she is. She really wants to be part of the lifestyle business.”

“Gwyneth, for example, has a book on the best-seller list. She must be doing something right. She’s a charming, pretty person who has a feeling for lifestyle. She wants to be a lifestyle arbiter. Fine. Good. I think I started this whole category of lifestyle.”

Editor’s note: BURN.

But back to Graydon Carter and Vanity Fair. Carter and Paltrow are neighbors, but their relationship has definitely soured over recent months, and the coming hit piece is just one of the aspects, or so they say.

Carter says of a leaked letter sent by Gwynnie to celeb pals urging them not only to not cooperate, but to never contribute to the publication again:

“Well, she sort of forced my hand… We started a story on her. We have a very good writer and it’ll run.”

He continued:

“Some famous people believe that they live in a cone of celebrity that protects them. But it doesn’t really exist anymore in LA unless they stay in.”

Previously, the editor said:

“… We wouldn’t be doing our job if there wasn’t a little bit of tension between Vanity Fair and its subjects. In any given week, I can expect to hear from a disgruntled subject in Hollywood, Washington, or on Wall Street. That’s the nature of the beast.”

The piece on Gwyneth Paltrow to be published in the mag is said to be an “epic takedown.”