Geek up your home with these Asteroids wall stickers

Chris Greenhough

While I'd FRIGGIN' LOVE to have my walls decorated like a giantass Mario level, I don't think I could get away with Blik's range of Mario wall decals. Explaining this sort of thing to a prospective partner, or even to a father who wonders what has become of his son ... it's tricky.

These giant Asteroids wall stickers might be a safer choice, not to mention how rad they look. Thanks to the original game's wireframe visuals, they manage to look stylish and maybe even hip, though let's not go too far here. Either way, I love the arcade-faithful '© 1979 ATARI INC'!

They're removable and reusable, and are available at Amazon now, with $45 getting you the following:

* 2 Large 26″ x 4″ arcade console graphics * 21 various sized asteroids (4″ to 20″) printed on clear * 21 various sized gameplay graphics printed on clear * 21 various sized numbers printed on clear

[Amazon, via GeekAlerts]