Facebook group boycotts Nintendo 3DS over human rights abuses

A new Facebook group is calling on consumers to boycott Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console because it fuels human rights abuses in the Congo.

The 3DS is due to hit North America on March 27th, but group creator Ben Wiley points out that parts of the device are made from ‘conflict minerals’ mined by oppressed and often maltreated workers in the Central African country.

Although trying to slow Nintendo 3DS sales is unlikely to work (all 400,000 launch units sold out in Japan when released on Saturday), Wiley says he’d be happy to raise awareness of the issue through media coverage (which this post is contributing to and OMG I’M JUST A COG IN A MACHINE).

With skull-crushing inevitability, the group’s page has already turned into Tard Central, with various outraged Nintendo fans denouncing Wiley. Many point out that Nintendo is only one of dozens of companies with such ethical practices, but I suppose targeting a very current device like the 3DS helps Wiley’s word get out there. Which is the whole point.

Being the vile, conscience-free imperialist bastard I am, I’m probably still picking up a 3DS.

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