‘South Park’ Creators Miss Deadline Due To Power Outage

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone missed the deadline to air the latest episode of South Park for the first time last night. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though; they had a power outage that kept them from releasing it the night before.

The prime time cartoon that began as little more than a bunch of cardboard cutouts has come a remarkably long way, and yet it hasn’t changed. This could be the secret to long-running sitcoms, as nearly every other show that has changed has eventually gotten old or canceled. Say what you like about South Park and its cheap animation, but it’s really the humor that keeps people watching every week.

Of course this week the latest episode, “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers,” didn’t make it by the deadline due to a power outage that kept South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone from finishing it in time.

Normally the two animators/voice actors claim they usually make an episode of the mega-popular show in about six days and release it just in time to get it on the air, and for years up to this point they have not failed to make the deadline.

Trey Parker isn’t taking the failure too hard, stating, “It sucks to miss an air date but after all these years of tempting fate by delivering the show last minute, I guess it was bound to happen.”

The power outage at South Park Studios lasted for about three hours on Tuesday, losing them enough time to make the difference. During a clip on 60 Minutes, executive producer Anne Garefino explained that one of the reasons they do South Park at the last minute is that they think they’ll come up with something funnier eventually.

Unfortunately on Wednesday night, that thought process caused Trey Parker and Matt Stone to air a re-run instead of the new episode.

As a result of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone missing their deadline, the episode “Scott Tenorman Must Die” aired instead. The new episode will air next Wednesday.