Facebook Like Button Gets An Upgrade, Replaces Share Button

Remember the good old days of the Facebook Share button (still used on some sites), where you would push the button and rather than one little line saying “so and so likes Inquisitr” you would actually send the first sentence of the article you shared along with the title and other pertinent information, well those days are coming back, but this time through the use of the Facebook Like and Recommendation buttons.

ReadWriteWeb discovered on Sunday that the button has changed to show more details about each story or post that a user chooses to share on their wall. Pushing the button will now show a picture, a headline, a blurb about the story and the ability for users to comment on that story, just like the share button of old.

The change is currently being called a “test” by Facebook developers, but it is also suggested that it may be the “recommended solution moving forward.”

While it may be a “test” the developer documentation for the old Facebook share button has been removed from the company’s documentation, while developers can now choose to push information using the like button with share functionality, as a comment free like button or as a recommendation button with the comment option.

With millions upon millions of “likes” and “recommendations” being generated each day, it will be interesting to see how Facebook users react to the change when their friends feeds are being overrun with their need to push the Like button on every story they read online.

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