Worst fears confirmed- 150K lose all saved GMails, chats

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and all your saved GMail information was gone?

That is not the plot of a new scary movie- it actually happened to almost 1% of GMail users, users who as of now are unable to access their stored GMail and old chats. Engadget described the horror, initially estimating 500,000 affected users but revising it down to 150,000- still staggering:

"[150K] Gmail users lost access to their inboxes this morn, and some of them are reporting (via Twitter and support forums) that years worth of messages, attachments and Google Chat logs had vanished by the time they were finally able to log on. While we haven't experienced the issue personally, we're hearing that the bug effectively reset some accounts, treating their owners as new users complete with welcome messages."
The problem has yet to be completely resolved, and Engadget says Google's prognosis has been "promising but terribly vague [about] when the situation will be resolved." Are you one of the unlucky .8%? Would a GMail account deletion be catastrophic for you, or merely an inconvenience?