Kangaroo Pharmacy? What Ever Next! [Video]

Kangaroo pharmacy

A Kangaroo made its way to a pharmacy in Melbourne Airport, Australia, after it was hit by a vehicle outside the airport.

Fortunately Australians are used to kangaroos who, if not handled correctly, can be quite violent. The animal was captured by two employees of Quantas, Australia’s national airline.

In the video footage of the kangaroo in the pharmacy they can be seen putting a cloth over the animal and carefully tackling it, placing the injured joey in the care of a veterinarian.

It’s not the first time a kangaroo has found its way to the airport as it is surrounded partially by bushland which has lots of wildlife in it. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that after the kangaroo was hit by a vehicle, Wildlife Victoria, the animal response service, sent two rescue workers to retrieve it.

The incident immediately went viral as various social media platforms shared comments about the kangaroo. Julia Morris, a well-known Aussie comedienne, Tweeted:

Julia wasn’t the only one who took to Twitter. Roland Gaspar also saw the funny side of it. Following the fact that the kangaroo was named Cyrus, after one of the rescue workers who saved him, Gaspar Tweeted:

Wildlife Victoria are extremely busy responding to calls about native Australian animals. This week alone they received a total of 1481 calls. Last spring the service received 1394 ringtail possum calls, 1190 calls for eastern grey kangaroos and 205 calls related to koalas.

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[Video courtesy of The Telegraph]