Matthew Macfadyen Talks ‘Ripper Street’ Season 2

Matthew Macfadyen talks 'Ripper Street' Season 2

Matthew Macfadyen is talking about Season 2 of the BBC One crime series Ripper Street, which is set to open on October 28 in the UK after a very successful first season.

The series follows the H-Division in charge of solving grisly crimes in the wake of the Jack the Ripper murders in Victorian London and stars Macfadyen (Detective Inspector Edmund Reid), Jerome Flynn (Detective Sargent Bennet Drake), and Adam Rothenberg (Captain Homer Jackson/Matthew Judge) in the main roles.

As the second season of Ripper Street is set to premiere in a couple of weeks, star Matthew Macfadyen shares some details about what viewers can expect this time around in an interview with BBC.

Audiences will discover that Reid’s wife left him following the traumatic ending of Season 1, when he gave her false hope of finding their missing daughter. His deception proved to be too much for their marriage and he finds himself alone with a messy house. As a replacement for his homelife, the hard boiled Detective Inspector has immersed himself in his work and now spends his nights sleeping in the office.

Macfadyen commented: “It’s lovely for actors because there’s so much there to play with, but I think that there’s always lots to mine for all the characters and I think that they get closer with each other.” The Brit says he enjoyed working with Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg and the dynamics in Season 2 of Ripper Street are different from the first go round.

Drake has found happiness with his Bella and Jackson is equally settled with Long Susan, but Reid, who was the only married one of the trio, is alone, so there has been a flip of the coin.

Season 2 of Ripper Street starts about a year after the events of Season 1 and finds all the characters’ lives changed dramatically, some for the better, some for the worse. Matthew Macfadyen as Inspector Reid continues his quest to keep the citizens of the impoverished Whitechapel safe.