Shocking News: Wolverine Fired From X-Men [Video]

Wolverine Fired By Professor X

After several decades of fighting magneto and other enemies Professor Xavier has fired Wolverine. Dr. Xavier claims that Wolverine has been useless in recent years and therefore doesn’t deserve to be part of the world’s most advanced fighting machine.

In a video recorded exit interview Professor Xavier flails his arms around and proclaims “This is your power. That’s it. You flail.”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Wolverine isn’t really fired. The video, uploaded on YouTube is the product of comedian and talk show host Pete Holmes. The video is part of an upcoming series called “Ex-Men” in which Holmes fires X-Men characters for being bad at their jobs.

The Pete Holmes Show premieres on TBS on October 28 at midnight.

The video was uploaded on October 14 and has already racked up 1,585,287 views. The video has received 18,555 thumbs up ratings and 1,075 thumbs down reviews.

Pete Holmes debuted at New York Comic Con this past weekend and delighted fans.

Holmes couldn’t have picked a better character to fire from the X-Men. Actor Hugh Jackman recently revealed that his days as Wolverine may be coming to an end. When Jackman leaves the role another actor will likely be announced for a future Wolverine or X-Men film very quickly.

Based on the Ex-Men clip will you be tuning in to watch the rest of the series on the The Pete Homes show? Do you give the clip a thumbs up or a thumbs down?