Timbaland Divorce Gets Weird, Wife Wants Money For Kid That He Didn’t Father

Timbaland Divorce

Timbaland is getting a divorce and his wife wants him to pay for a child he didn’t father.

Monique Mosley in her divorce filing is requesting money for her 10-year-old child from another relationship. Monique gave birth to her child just before she started dating Timbaland and raised the child as a single mother until the couple married five years ago.

Monique claims that Timbaland is the child’s father by default because he has “publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own.”

The couple also have a child together which means Monique is going after double child support based on her claims.

Monique Mosley’s divorce filing against Timbaland also requests alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp and other expenses.

Mosley claims that she is so broke that she had to borrow money to pay for her divorce lawyer.

Monique also wants Timbaland to pay for her expenses throughout the divorce trial. Mosley is asking for a lump sum payment for “rehabilitative alimony,” and permanent alimony.

The divorce trial could turn ugly given the massive $80 million fortune Timbaland has racked up as a musician and super producer.

Timbaland helped Justin Timberlake bring “Sexy Back” and his work spans decades thanks to his work with Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Ludacris, and other well-known hip-hop artists of the early and mid-2000s.

Timbaland is one of the hottest names in music and with his infectious beats that span several genres of music his fortune and popularity are probably not going anywhere despite what Monique Mosley takes away from the divorce trial.

Do you think Timbaland’s divorce trial will end with child support for two children given the circumstances of the last 10 years?