Ann Coulter Reveals Her Favorite Cable News Channel [Surprise]

Ann Coulter reveals favorite cable news network

Ann Coulter has disclosed that the cable news channel she watches the most is… MSNBC.

In an interview, the conservative best-selling author and commentator explained that she watches the ultra-liberal, Obama-supporting network regularly because “it’s inadvertently funny. Many people have said the problem with the Internet is that people will compartmentalize and only read stuff that they agree with. Nowhere is that more evident than on MSNBC! People say blindingly false things and never get checked.”

Coulter made headlines this week when she blamed ego-driven Republican shysters and hucksters for losing very winnable elections.

Whether you like or dislike Coulter, she knows how to sell books in part by stirring the pot effectively.

Coulter once said something along the lines of that given that she has reeled off one best-selling political tome after another, she has no boss, and can only be fired by the American people. Her latest book that hit the shelves this week is called Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 — Especially a Republican.

In the Mediaite interview, Coulter said she would love to go on MSNBC more often but producers stopped inviting her. She also admitted admiration for MSNBC hosts Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Hayes, but would fire Chris Matthews from the network if she was “queen” of cable news. “What I find so unappealing about MSNBC is the mocking, sneering tone towards their political opponents. Chris Hayes does not sneer or mock. He’s not smug.”

With regard to Matthews particularly, Coulter said “I also like to note that once a week, Chris Matthews will interview an anti-Bush author and, for balance, he’ll get the other author of that book… I know from other hosts and people who’ve worked there that [Matthews is] the stupidest on-air personality at MSNBC. He’s also hilarious. He compares Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy almost every night, despite having no idea about McCarthy. And I think that if you watch daytime, Thomas Roberts may be giving Matthews a run for his money.”

Like many right-of-center Americans, the Cornell and University of Michigan Law School grad also admitted that she avoided cable news for about six months after the 2012 presidential election.

Are you surprised that Ann Coulter expressed a preference for MSNBC?

[image credit: Gage Skidmore]