High School Students Punished For Sex Act In Cafeteria

High school students punished for cafeteria sex act

Two high school students were punished for indecent behavior in the school cafeteria. The girl made the offer and the boy turned it down, only to be pushed into participating while the whole thing was recorded.

It all started with a dare on October 10, when a female freshman approached a boy in the Etowah High School cafeteria in Woodstock, Georgia, and offered a sexual favor in the middle of a busy lunch period. Another student was recording the incident with a cell phone as the boy actually turned her down. Then she proceeded to go one further and push him into doing it anyway. The male student who had recorded the incident then shared it with a lot of others.

Both being juveniles, their names have not been disclosed.

Adults providing supervision were then unaware of the two high school students punished for the sex act in the cafeteria. It didn’t help that books and various other items were stacked and students gathered made it impossible for anyone to see what happened.

District spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby stated on the local news:

“Students sitting at the same table said they blocked other students and staff from witnessing what occurred. Two of those students said they had recorded some of the incident on their cell phones, but deleted the videos when they realized that they might face charges. Appropriate school disciplinary action will occur for all students; the details of that action cannot be disclosed due to student privacy laws.”

Fellow student Callie Goldman stated that students of their age are probably going to do things they shouldn’t because they don’t think it through before they act. This is rather deep insight and could be applied to a lot of school behavior, such as the Idaho school bomb hoax previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Further investigation is being made into the situation surrounding the high school students punished for the cafeteria incident.