Oh, Ted Cruz Is ‘Having Bunny Sex’ According To This Guy [Video]

Castellanos bunny sex

According to GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, Ted Cruz was off “having bunny sex” last night instead of refusing to participate in debt ceiling negotiations.

Anderson Cooper caught up with Castellanos and Democratic strategist Paul Begala during late-night CNN shutdown coverage, and asked him what exactly Cruz’s strategy was. Castellanos said that he thinks Cruz is being a little short-sighted by doubling-down on the government shutdown as a tonic to revitalize the conservative base.

Searching for an explanation, Castellanos settled on the best explanation for Cruz’s strategy he’d heard all day. Let me repeat: This is the best explanation for Cruz’s strategy he’d heard all day.

“A friend explained to me today, finally, what Ted Cruz is doing,” he said. “And I finally understand: He’s having bunny sex.”

Begala let out the requisite awkward chuckle. Cooper, without missing a beat, looked at his watch and wryly noted “This is the late-night edition of 360.”

Castellanos interpreted the joke as a request for further explanation of the “bunny sex” line.

CASTELLANOS: In nature, there are boom-and-bust cycles. The snowshoe hare, every ten years, multiplies sixfold.

COOPER: Are you high?

CASTELLANOS: I’m high. Totally high. Let me explain. I wish I was. The snowshoe hare — I thought it’s a marvelous explanation — every ten years, multiplies sixfold. Bunnies like sex apparently. But the boom produces a bust. They press their food supply, they invite predators. Right now, Ted Cruz, what’s he’s doing, feels good. He’s growing his supporters. He’s leading the Republican Party, I think, into a bust.

COOPER: I think you’re digging a ditch, Alex.

Minutes later, Cooper tried to recover. “Gentlemen, thank you. Alex, I’m still trying to figure out what the bunny sex was about.” Castellanos shot back “We’ll have a man-to-man talk later.”

“I definitely did not learn that in my class,” Cooper noted.

Point: Silverfox.

Check out Anderson Cooper’s “bunny sex” exchange with Castellanos below, via Mediaite: