Dog-Fighting Raid Ends With Dog Attacking Fleeing Suspect

Florence, SC – A recent dog-fighting raid ended with a nice bit of poetic justice as one of the pit bulls being forced to fight took down a fleeing suspect.

Eight suspects were arrested early Saturday morning when authorities discovered a dog fight in progress at a vacant lot in Florence County. The officers went to the location as part of a lengthy drug investigation, but were surprised to find an illegal dog-fighting ring instead, reports WFMB.

When the police arrived, the suspects attempted to run, but were rounded up in nearby woods and a field, according to Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone.

One such suspect was arrested after a pit bull involved in the fighting “took him down,” according to the post. Another pit bull was turned over the the county’s Environmental Services Office, though the dog that took the suspect down escaped.

The sheriff’s office is now looking into search warrants to investigate a possible underground dog fighting ring.

“It’s difficult for one agency to actually crack one of these rings,” said Captain Michael Nunn with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. “That’s why you don’t see it more prominently in prosecutions and apprehensions, but we do the best we can.”

All of the suspects have since been released (as of Sunday morning) except for Edward Windham, 32, who was still in custody as of Monday. According to the Florence County Detention Center website, Windham is charged with one count of animal fighting or baiting, and has been served with four bench warrants.

“The individuals engaged in these activities do so secretively and underground,” Nunn continued. “They are highly secretive about where and when the dog fights are going to take place. It’s a tight circle on individuals, it’s very difficult to break into those circles.”

Here are the mugs of the dog fighting suspects. More information, including their names, addresses and charges, can be found at Opposing Views.

[Image: Shutterstock]