Police Confiscate Stolen Car Bought From Dealership, Owner Must Continue To Make Payments

Police confiscated a stolen car from Portland’s Rustom Nissan last Thursday, even though its flummoxed owner had bought it legally from a dealership and was told he must continue to make payments on the vehicle.

Khue Lee originally bought the 2007 Subaru Outback from a dealership, which owned it in conjunction with its parent company, Broadway Toyota.

However, last Thursday, police officers turned up at Lee’s house and towed the car away stating that it had been reported stolen in Idaho.

Lee commented, “My daughter opened the door and told me the police [are] here and said you have a stolen car.”

After the car had been taken, and perplexed by this accusation, Lee and a police officer made their way to the dealership to enquire about the dilemma.

However, employees went on to tell him that, until the police and DMV have sorted out the situation, he is still expected to keep up the payments for the car.

Lee remained adamant that he shouldn’t have to make any further payments for the car as he isn’t actually using it, and it isn’t even in his possession.

Lee went on to state, “They treat me like a criminal. The dealer, they treat me like a criminal. They don’t want to deal with me, nothing.”

The issue was finally settled, with the assistance of KATU, who contacted Broadway Toyota. The parent company in charge of Rustom apologized for Mr Lee’s problems, and they then confirmed that he would refund every penny that he has so far put into the automobile.

It was then explained that the man who reported the car stolen in Idaho didn’t actually own it, his son was on its title and he legally sold it to the dealership. The car then went to auction, where Rustom bought it and sold it to Lee. Rustom have since confirmed that a miscommunication with the auction meant that they didn’t know it had been reported stolen.

[Image via Syda Productions/Shutterstock]