Time Magazine Trims Back Its Global Editions

Time Magazine is trimming back its staff for the publication’s various non-American editions.

The magazine’s multiple global editions will see significant cuts, according to Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post, and will now be largely assembled out of the main New York office. The biggest impact, Kelly reports, may be in London, which has seemingly served as a central point for much of the global edition editing in the past. That would likely mean much of the London-based staff, as well as staff in other international offices, will be eliminated.

The cuts will also reportedly include the end of the South Pacific edition, currently produced in Sydney, Australia. That publication will become a duplicate of the Asian edition starting in 2009, the Post reports. Nine journalists from the Sydney office already say they’ve been told they’re losing their jobs.

Time‘s international edition that goes through Europe and Asia, that will be brought down here, but basically we won’t be producing it in Sydney anymore,” Time Australia Editor Steve Waterson explained to the Daily Telegraph.

European, Middle Eastern, and African editions are also said to be preparing to start pulling most of their content from the Asian magazine.

Further layoffs are expected, with rumors suggesting the Los Angeles, Berlin, and Jerusalem offices could be hit next.

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