Papua New Guinea Earthquake Measured 7.1 Magnitude, Fears Of Tsunami Reported

Papua New Guinea Jolted By 7.1 Earthquake, Fears Of Tsunami Reported

Papua New Guinea was jolted by a 7.1 earthquake today but a tsunami generated by the quake could cause more damage and death.

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The South Pacific island nation is susceptible to many earthquakes since Papua New Guinea is part of the ring of fire, an area known for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all along the Pacific Rim. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the Papua New Guinea earthquake measured a magnitude of 7.1.

The earthquake actually originated in Panguna, which is 40 miles southwest of Papua New Guinea. Fortunately, because of its origination point the Papua New Guinea earthquake is unlikely to generate any destructive tsunamis.

For example, while Japan is often hit with earthquakes it was a tsunami that caused the destruction of one of Japan’s nuclear reactors. Years later the after effects of the tsunami are still being felt, with radiation leaking out into the ocean because Fukushima happens to be located up against a beach.

In fact, a 7.0 magnitude Papua New Guinea earthquake killed about 2,200 people in 1998 because of the waters swamping the villages. Although this new earthquake was stronger due to the lack of a tsunami there have not been any reports of major damage or deaths.

Australia reports that it’s not expecting the Papua New Guinea earthquake to affect its shores, either.