William Happ Confesses Before Execution

William Happ was pronounced dead on October 15 at 6:16 pm. Prior to his execution, the convicted killer was given time to make a statement. To everyone's surprise, Happ apologized and confessed to the murder of 21-year-old Angie Crowley.

Crowley was last seen on May 24,1986. She was reportedly abducted in the parking lot of a convenience store, where she stopped to use a pay phone.

The young woman's car was found less than a mile from the store with the window broken out. Her body was later discovered along the Cross-Florida Bridge Canal by a fisherman.

Authorities determined Crowley was raped, beaten, and eventually strangled with her pants. Although she had numerous injuries to her head and face, the cause of death was determined to be strangulation.

William Happ was eventually identified as a suspect. As reported by Murderpedia, a shoe print from the scene matched the suspect's sneakers, securing his indictment.

The suspect was convicted of sexual battery, burglary, kidnapping, and first-degree murder. In July 1989, the convicted killer was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Throughout his trial and time on death row, Happ maintained his innocence.

William Happ Victim

As reported by The Tampa Tribune, the inmate met with a Roman Catholic Priest prior to his executions. He was reportedly at peace as he was given his last rites.

Happ chose dessert for his last meal. He was provided with a box of assorted chocolates and German chocolate ice cream.

As he was led to the execution chamber, witnesses expected the inmate to defend his innocence. Instead, he apologized and confessed to the crime:

"To my agonizing shame, I must confess to the crime... I wish to offer my most sincere, heartfelt apology. I have prayed for the good Lord to forgive me for my sins. But I understand why those here cannot."
Crowley's brother Chris attended the execution. In his opinion, William Happ's confession was self-serving. He said he simply cannot forgive the man who took his sister's life.

Mugshot William Happ

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