Craze Supplement Pulled From Shelves After Meth-Like Substance Found Inside

Craze Supplement Pulled From Shelves After Meth-Like Substance Found

Production of the Craze bodybuilding supplement has been halted after testing found a substance close to methamphetamine in samples of the drug.

Research published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis noted that the substance found, N,alpha-DEPEA, was not disclosed on the label of the Craze supplement. The effects of the meth-like substance was not fully known, the report said.

The research looked at three samples of Craze, two bought online and one from a store. The research stemmed from several failed drug tests by professional athletes using Craze, which bills itself as “workout fuel.”

“So I think they’re playing with stimulants to try and find something that will get people juiced up, revved up to work out and make them feel better,” said Dr. Pieter Cohen, an internist at Cambridge Health Alliance in Somerville, Mass., who worked on the report.

After the report was published, the manufacturer of the popular supplement released a statement saying all production and sales of Craze were suspended.

At the same time, Driven Sports Inc. defended its product and said the testing used in the research was faulty.

“Driven Sports, the manufacturer of Craze®, has extensively studied and analyzed Craze with the assistance of a DEA registered laboratory, and those studies have consistently indicated that Craze does not contain amphetamines or controlled substances,” the company wrote in its statement. “…Despite these results and the extensive nature of these studies, Driven Sports suspended the production and sale of Craze several months ago while it investigated the reports in the media regarding the safety of Craze.”

Driven Sports said the company remains “100 percent” behind the Craze supplement and said independent studies found that it did not have any harmful effects.