Cristy Nicole Deweese Fired From Teaching Position For Playboy Past

Recently, Cristy Nicole Deweese made headlines. Instead of receiving praise as an effective educator, she reportedly lost her job as a Spanish teacher at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center when it was discovered she had been a Playboy model in college.

The Inquisitr reported on Deweese's situation last week, and at that point, it was unclear if the teacher would lose her job.

Deweese told reporters that she had been a fashion model since she was a teen and she only modeled for Playboy to help pay her tuition. She said that she made sure to stop her Playboy modeling well before she took a teaching position.

According to Fox 4 News, Ms Deweese has allegedly been fired. While many people were initially shocked by the news of their teacher posing for Playboy, reports now say that students and parents miss Deweese, and even want her back.

Chanattra Long, who has a daughter in Deweese's class, had this to say about the beleaguered educator: "She is so awesome. We miss her very much and we pray she can come back."

Just by browsing through her Twitter feed, you can tell that her students miss her. Check out a post sent to her from her 7th period Spanish class:

Fox 4 News also said that while Deweese suggested via Twitter that she had been fired, the DISD won't confirm this news.

It appears the school wanted to keep this episode under the radar. They refused to comment on the situation, saying, "This is a personnel matter, and it will not be discussed." Even Deweese stated that she can't currently comment on her employment, suggesting there may be legal actions in the future.

Do you think its fair that Cristy Nicole Deweese lost her job because she posed for Playboy when she was 18-years-old? I guess the age old adage, "All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret" may be true after all.

[Image via Twitter]