Elderly Victims Died Holding Hands After 68 Year Marriage


An elderly couple, who were married for 68 years, died holding hands after they were involved in a car crash in Chattaroy, Washington.

Floyd and Margaret Nordhagen, who were 92-years-old and 88-years-old, respectively, were found dead in the wreckage of their car by Washington State Patrol officers, who later confirmed that they were holding hands when they died.

The tragedy occurred on Sunday evening along the Newport Highway, and the entire community of Chattaroy has come together to mourn the duo’s deaths.

Rob Spencer, one of the first patrolmen to arrive on the car crash, remarked, “You don’t see that everyday. We actually had to ask her to let go of him, so we could get him out of the car.” Margaret later died from her injuries too.

The pair were struck by a pick-up truck after the Nordhagens pulled their car out in front of the vehicle too hastily.

Mr Britches Peden, a family friend of the Nordhagens, noted, “I don’t know if they were holding hands he passed, or if she grabbed him afterwards but it doesn’t matter. They would have been holding hands if they could, so that’s the way we all want to remember them.”

Perden went on to add that he worked alongside the pair, helping to look after their farm, which was located in North Spokane County.

Various friends have since go on to note how much in love the elderly victims were, with one noting that Floyd use to brag about Margaret being on his arm, and he always commented on how pretty she was.

Another delightful anecdote provided by one of the couple’s friends saw a family pal admit that if, later in his life, Floyd was struggling with the lawnmower, Margaret would help him move it across their grass.

The Nordhagens had been married for 68 years, and the pair celebrated their most recent anniversary last July.

[Image via imtmphoto/Shutterstock]