‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary: David Tennant, Matt Smith Called A ‘Tremendous Double-Act’

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary has David Tennant and Matt Smith turn in a 'tremendous double-act'

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode has been filmed, and David Tennant and Matt Smith have been called a “tremendous double-act.” Those are the words of executive producer Steven Moffat, but it’s inevitably up to the fans to decide, and they will when the episode airs in late November.

Steven Moffat says the chemistry between the two actors was perfect. They got along well and actually had fun with the filming, which is essential when you have two people playing the same character.

Yes, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is going to have the previous Time Lords make way for a new actor to play the role. Since this is landmark episode, it seemed right to have the last two “Doctors” cooperate and help introduce Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.

Moffat said that David Tennant and Matt Smith were actually giggly and had fun with their roles in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode. It may be a bit unusual to be face to face with another actor playing your character, but neither performer was broody or upset and the chemistry between the pair was remarkable. They are fans of each other’s work and their comedic instincts certainly came out in their performances.

Doctor Who head Steven Moffat added:

“When you’re talking to yourself there are no limitations, there’s no holding back. You wouldn’t be kind or courteous. At the same time, because they are two lovable, madcap, caffeinated Doctors, they’re also quite fanboy-ish about each other. It is … a tremendous double-act. They’re naturally funny together. Enough alike and enough dissimilar.”

When “The Day of The Doctor,” an episode that is expected to be a major turning point in the series, airs on November 23 on BBC One, the fans will also get a taste of the treat that David Tennant and Matt Smith have in store for them as they play the same role.

Are you excited to see the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special?