October 16, 2013
'Fifty Shades' And Charlie Hunnam Were Butting Heads, Report

Reports that Fifty Shades Of Grey director, producers, and Charlie Hunnam were butting heads in the creative department are surfacing and painting a somewhat chaotic last few weeks.

Hunnam is not just an actor, he is also a script writer (Vlad for Brad Pitt's Plan B and Summit Entertainment) and as such had been making suggestions to better the screenplay for Fifty Shades.

The Hollywood Reporter says Charlie made extensive and detailed notes to Kelly Marcel's adaptation of E.L. James bestseller, which were well received by the studio. After the British actor reportedly asked for more involvement with the script, he was denied.

Charlie Hunnam left the project just three weeks before it starts filming next month and director Sam Taylor-Johnson is left scrambling to find a replacement.

According to sources close to Hunnam, the Sons Of Anarchy star was feeling the intense media and fan pressure that came with accepting the role of the billionaire magnate in Fifty Shades, a much talked about casting decision.

The official explanation for his exit was a conflict with his schedule while filming the hit series, but many believe there were other reasons, such as the fan backlash when the announcement of his casting was made.

Much like when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, fans started petitions asking that the studio remove Charlie Hunnam from the role. Well, their wishes have come true.

The attention the hunky actor received forced Universal to hire a bodyguard to keep media and fans at bay and they also canceled a couple of SoA appearances in Ontario, Canada.

Hunnam, who according to THR, was being paid $125,000 for playing Christian Grey was unhappy for the last four weeks and finally decided that it was all too much trouble and parted ways with Fifty Shades.

His agents also reportedly suggested he not leave for fear of creating a rift with one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, but as his heart was not in the project from the start he did what he thought was best for his career.

As to Dakota Johnson, who is playing Anastasia Steele, she remains attached to Fifty Shades and ready for a new partner, after Charlie Hunnam's departure. Stay tuned, to find out who will finally play Christian Grey. Do you have a favorite?