NFL’s Connor Barwin Loves Taking The Bus To Work While Earning $36 Million

Connor Barwin Rides The Bus

Quick, somebody give 27-year-old Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin a raise, the poor guy is riding the bus to work each day.

Barwin is currently signed to a six-year, $36 million contract, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking the #17 Septa bus to his “day job” in the NFL.

Not only does Barwin love taking the bus, he actually has Twitter conversations with the employees at city-based bus service Septa.

If you’re a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles you are probably aware of Barwin’s love of clean and cheap transportation. Barwin is often spotted riding around the city on his bicycle and he loves to post photos of his adventures.

When he was playing for the Texans the linebacker enjoyed driving his eco-friendly Toyota Prius back-and-forth to practices and games.

Perhaps it is fitting that Connor Barwin loves taking the bus and emersing himself in city environments, after all, his dad is a city planner, so it kind of runs in his blood.

Barwin does own a super car but its not a gas guzzling Ferrari or an environment killing hummer, instead he opted for an electric-powered Tesla.

Here’s the linebackers Instagram photo that got everyone talking:

And here’s Barwin talking to Septa about his most recent bus ride:

And another Tweet from his “Bike Valet” experience:

Are you impressed by Connor Barwin’s decision to ride the bus to workouts and games? Could you still choose public transportation if you made millions of dollars each year?