Erin Andrews Had Justin Bieber On The Brain During Justin Verlander Interview [Video]

erin andrews

Erin Andrews is a huge Justin Bieber fan. She’s such a Belieber that when ever she thinks about the name “Justin” she immediately thinks about the hunky teen idol.

Andrews was interviewing Mike Napoli of the Boston Red Sex after the team’s victory over the Detroit Tigers when she accidentally said “Justin Beiber” instead of Justin Verlander.

Andrews was quick to recover and continued the interview like nothing happened. Still, Twitter users couldn’t believe what they heard.

The sports reporter was teased like a little schoolgirl about her teen idol crush on Twitter. But Andrews wasn’t just going to sit back and take it. Instead, she took to the social media site to prove her critics… right?

Andrews writes: “If u really think I have Bieber on my mind, then u are soooooo right.”

Of course, Andrews did add a #sarcasm tag to her tweet so we shouldn’t add her to the Team Belieber roster just yet.

Andrews also noted that the Justin Bieber / Justin Verlander mixup wasn’t her only gaffe of the night. The sports reporter also noted that she accidentally called Detroit skipper Jim Leyland “Joe Leyland.”

Here’s the video of Erin Andrews mixing up Justin Bieber and Justin Verlander.