Sandy Hook Scammer Jailed For Eight Months

sandy hook scam artist

Convicted Sandy Hook scam artist Nouel Alba stunned a grieving nation when she posed as the “aunt” of slain victim Noah Pozner and solicited donations in the immediate wake of the tragedy — and Alba has now been sentenced after a June plea.

Alba made headlines just after the Sandy Hook shootings for her reprehensible actions, first denying she claimed to be the aunt of the child victim.

However, the Sandy Hook scam — which was carried out less than a week after the shootings — was soon revealed. An investigation by Today tracked Alba to her home in the Bronx following a Facebook plea for cash across more than one post.

Among the Facebook writings alleged, Alba reportedly stated:

“All we know is 18 kids have been killed… still no word on my nephew… We’ve set up a funeral fund for my brother… anyone willing to make a donation can make one…”

When the show contacted Noah’s real uncle, Alexis Haller, he was horrified to learn that people were trying to profit from the recent death of his nephew.

Haller told reporters:

“It’s trying to turn a profit on a horrible tragedy, on the death of kids, 6-year-old kids, 7-year-old kids… And to me, that’s just a horrible thing to be doing… I’m disgusted by it… I think it’s disgusting behavior.”

Jeff Rossen of Today tracked down Nouel Alba the same month, asking about the Facebook postings — she replied:

“No, I never sent any message on Facebook.”

Rossen asked:

“Then why is your account number on it, your bank routing number, your email, and your PayPal information?… Because you sell things online? But then why were you posing to be a member of the Pozner family? They say they’ve never met you before.”

While Alba denied her claim, she was soon arrested by the FBI and later pled guilty to making false statements to the government and wire fraud.

Above, the morning show updates the story of Sandy Hook scam artist Nouel Alba.