Ruben Studdard, Sexiest Biggest Loser, Bringing Real Men Back [Video]

ruben studdard taco meat

American Idol star Ruben Studdard has a new gig, and the big man with a big voice has signed on to The Biggest Loser to shed some weight — but not in a girly way.

It’s been a while since Ruben Studdard competed in the reality singing contest, but the velvet-voiced vocalist is back. And, Studdard says, as sexy as ever.

In the third person, he explains that “[e]verything about Ruben Studdard is sexy,” before defending his chest hair — for which he has a colorful euphemism — and saying:

“Y’all have womanized men… Back in the day artists [like Marvin Gaye] would be having their taco meat showing on album covers and everybody liked it. But now nobody wants to show the taco meat no more. I’m bringing the real man back.”

Professional wet blanket Jillian Michaels, outraged that someone, somewhere might have a bit of self-esteem, quickly stepped in to police Ruben’s taco meat.

She criticized:

“We’re going to have to wax that back of yours… Look how much you’ve got here. Like and inch and a half of shoulder hair.”

In a separate interview, Studdard admits relationship stresses prompted him to put on weight back in 2012, and he says:

“After I got divorced – or separated – in 2012 … prior to that my wife and I, we worked out together, we ate well and all those things. But after that I started going out with my friends, my fraternity brothers, kicking it and having a good time eating chicken wings, drinking beer until 2 to 3 in the morning. Those were things I wasn’t doing as a married person.”

But Ruben says having to wear his current weight — 462 pounds — on a jersey was a wake up call, and vows to not only lose a lot of weight, but keep it off after the show ends.

Watch Ruben Studdard’s taco meat in the clip above.