Jamie Foxx Not Dating Katie Holmes, Actor Confirms

It was first reported on Tuesday that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating. The famed actor and Oscar winner has come forward to put those rumors to rest.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell, the Ray actor says the rumors are “hilarious” and completely not true.

“[The rumors] are one hundred percent not true,” he told Nancy. “In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people.”

The original rumor suggested that Foxx spent a lot of time with Katie Holmes at her New York City apartment. The rumor started after the couple shared the dance floor over the summer during a charity event.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise, starred together in 2004’s Collateral.

Foxx admits that he and Holmes are close friends, but insists they are not dating.

In Touch originally said Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been dating for quite some time. A source at the publication says the Hollywood heavyweights have been enjoying a quiet romance.

In a stab at Tom Cruise the course tried to claim that the couple are “very Mission: Impossible about their romance.”

Another source claims that Katie Holmes was spotted staying at the same hotel where Foxx was booked while shooting a reboot of the movie Annie.

It should be noted that outside of casual meetings the popular movie stars have not been spotted in any romantic settings.

In the meantime both Holmes and Foxx continues to work on their own projects. Foxx is rumored to be up for the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the Oliver Stone directed biopic, while Holmes continues to act while also playing full-time mom to daughter Suri Cruise.

Do you think Jamie Foxx dating Katie Holmes is a bit of a stretch? Would they make a cute couple?