Michael Vick Says He Needs Another Week To Fully Recover

Michael Vicks at Philadelphia Eagles

On Tuesday, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick called his hamstring injury a “bad pull.” Last week, the starting quarterback said that he was only at “60, 65 percent.”

While he didn’t rule out a Sunday game against the Dallas Cowboys, he did sound like a man resigned to riding the bench.

“I feel it getting better,” Vick said. “It’s just when I try to burst, that knot is still there. I think another week of rehab can put me in position where I can start gaining some confidence in it and doing things I normally do…. It can be re-aggravated quickly. Because mine is up so high, and the way I run, I’ve got to take precautions. I can’t overdo it. If I do, it can be another two to three weeks.”

The Eagles started Nick Foels on Sunday and defeated Tampa Bay with a final score of 31-20. Last week, Michael Vick took limited reps as he continued to nurse his injury. Vick was active for last week’s game, but was only available in an emergency situation.

“If I had to go in a game, I could sit in the pocket and throw the football,” Vick said. “That’s like playing seven-on-seven. But seven-on-seven is kind of unrealistic on Sundays. You’ve got people coming at you. So being an emergency guy, that’s just what I’m going to be, if that’s the case.”

According to Vick, before he suffered his injury against the Giants, he was attempting a new stretching routine. “And then I tried to overstride when I was running,” Vick said. “I tried to extend too much instead of leaning like I normally run. I understand what I did wrong, and hopefully it won’t happen again. That’s why it’s been so tough. I think I’ve had only two hamstring injuries, and hamstrings are prevalent for fast guys. I’ve never really had any.”

Michael Vick relies on his ability to power through tough defenses with his strong legs, and for that reason, he is taking his rehab slow and serious.