October 16, 2013
Stallone And Schwarzenegger's 'Escape Plan' Clips Feature 50 Cent, Amy Ryan [Video]

Stallone and Schwarzenegger's latest Escape Plan clips co-star notable personalities such as 50 Cent and Amy Ryan.

Escape Plan is about professional escapist Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), who is paid to escape from the highest security prisons in the world in an effort to see what steps might be taken to increase the security of the facility. However, when his employer sends him to a prison that doesn't play along, Ray Breslin is left to team up with actual prisoner Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to break out for real.

Why does he need a partner? Because nobody breaks out alone.

In their first original film together since The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have toned their routine down a bit, as they're both quite a bit older than your average action stars.

The facility in Stallone and Schwarzenegger's Escape Plan was originally going to be the title of the movie, The Tomb. Anyway, with that trivia out of the way, the two clips shown here feature rapper 50 Cent as Hush, and Amy Ryan as Abigail.

The first clip from Escape Plan features Abigail and Hush discussing The Tomb, as he tells her it was built for profit and run by ex-military rejects. Abigail tells him Ray is in the facility, and he informs her that Breslin is trapped.

The second clip shows Warden Hobbes (Jim Caviezel) informing Ray Breslin that he's in The Tomb to stay, and his evacuation code means nothing. He laughingly informs Breslin that he belongs to the prison and to him now.

It looks like Escape Plan will be more intrigue and thriller than the usual action that Sylvester Stallone and his costar Arnold Schwarzenegger tends to do. On the other hand, it could easily just be because the original Rocky and Rambo actor is getting a tad old for the explosions and big guns. Either way, this film could be an interesting one.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger's Escape Plan also stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Sam Neill, and Vinnie Jones, and is slated to hit theaters in three days on October 18.