Is Tim Tebow The Answer To Any Team’s QB Woes?

Can Tebow Make It Back To NFL?

Tim Tebow has been getting around lately. Hawaii, apparently, according to TMZ’s Tebow Tracker.

The famously-chaste Tebow has also made the rounds on the rumor mill for every team struggling at QB. KISS frontman Gene Simmons offered Tim Tebow a contract playing Arena Football. Tebow isn’t interested in playing in the CFL. Additionally, Tim has been courted by USA Rugby. Hell, Tim Tebow was offered $1 million for two games in Russia and said no.

Tim Tebow wants to be an NFL QB.

“In this case we don’t want [Tim Tebow] in our team anyway,” said Mikhail Zaltsman, owner of the Black Storm of the American Football Championship of Russia league, after being spurned. “We are looking for the people who pursue their dreams, not the ones who talk about it.”

If only everyone who’s unemployed in the U.S. could afford to be as picky as Tim Tebow. While Johnny Football Fan may have to take what he can get, Tim Tebow can hold out instead of changing positions.

Then again, as often as his name pops up connected to this team or that one, maybe Tim Tebow can return to the NFL.

But where would Tim Tebow go?

Apparently Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cleveland.

Oh really?

For every posting begging for Tim Tebow to save a team, there’s one decrying the idea. Or two. Or three.

The Battle Of The Dueling Headlines:

  • “Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Should Sign Quarterback Tim Tebow”
  • “Why the Tampa Bay Bucs Should Not Sign Tim Tebow”

Of course, some suggest Tim Tebow won’t be coming back in 2013, no matter what.

So, what options are left for Tim Tebow? It’s simple: play at the lower levels of football, play a different position or play a different sport.

Or he can stick around Hawaii, but Tim Tebow should know there won’t be an NFL franchise there any time soon.

What do you think Tim Tebow should do? WIll Tim Tebow play in 2013? Can Tim Tebow make it back to the NFL ever?