Katie Holmes Is Dating Jamie Foxx [Report]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly still happening. Remember when we told you about Holmes and Foxx dancing it up to Blurred Lines at an East Hampton benefit in New York? Back in August the two were seen holding hands as they were very innocently dancing to the Robin Thicke hit.

Now we’re learning via a report that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx may actually be dating. You read that right, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s ex, may be kicking it with the Ray actor Jamie Foxx. Did we mention that Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx also starred in a film together? Awkward. While you’re still scratching your heads to figure out how Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx even know each other, we’ll elaborate on the report that has the two in a long-term relationship.

According to In Touch, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been dating for quite some time. According to a source, the two have been enjoying a quiet romance, that is out of the public eye, until now that is.

The source told In Touch about Katie and Jamie:

“Katie and Jamie have been dating for a while.”

The source continued to divulge details about Foxx and Holmes’ romance having said that Jamie spends a bit of time at Katie’s New York apartment. The source seemed to be having a good time being tongue-in-cheek as they told the magazine that the couple are, “very Mission: Impossible about their romance.”

It’s not just one source that’s placing Jamie Foxx with Katie Holmes. According to another source Katie Holmes was staying at a hotel Jamie was at as he shoots the Annie reboot. “When a driver pulled up to take Foxx to the set of his new movie, Annie, they were shocked when Holmes instead entered.”

Another source that works at the hotel spotted Katie Holmes at the hotel and claims she stayed with Jamie Foxx.

When the reports broke about their “Blurred Lines” dancing, Katie Holmes’ rep came to her defense, having said that the two are “just friends.”

What do you think? Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx an item?

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