Northampton Clown Unmasked, He’s Just Some College Dude

Northampton Clown unmasked

The Northampton Clown’s reign of terror is seemingly at an end. He has officially been outed, and as it somewhat anti-climatically turns out, he’s just some college student.

He’s 22-year-old Northampton University student Alex Powell. He was outed over the weekend by the Sunday People newspaper which confronted him coming out of a house in-character shortly after entering as Powell.

He admitted that he was the Northampton Clown almost immediately.

“OK, I am the clown but I’ve been trying to keep it as ­mysterious as possible,” he said. “To be discreet so people didn’t find out.”

He admits that he knows he made some people uncomfortable, but said that it was all in good fun. He also said that he has received nearly 1,000 death threats on the Clown’s Facebook page, which boasts nearly 200,000 likes.

‘”I just wanted to amuse people,” he said. “Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out and then they can laugh about it afterwards.”

Interestingly, local fans of the Northampton Clown have reacted in anger over the media’s outing of Powell. They say that the revelation has ruined the mystery and possibly put Powell’s safety at risk.

“Hope you’re happy with yourselves,” wrote one commenter on the Mirror’s article on Powell. “Why can’t you just leave things alone.. In a world full of dome and gloom this was a little light hearted fun, but oh no you journalist just have to spoilt it.. Well done!”

“Way to go you bunch of killjoys, a bit of harmless and LEGAL fun again ruined by the media. What’s next, a kids only issue of the paper spilling the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy?” wrote another displeased observer.

“It’s a shame,” wrote another. “Now you’ve identified him the people who want to kill him are going to be able to find him a lot easier now. Bit silly, no?”

However, the Northampton Clown’s Facebook page includes a post saying that his identity is “safe,” leading some to speculate that Powell actually isn’t the Clown after all… or that there are more than one.