LAX Dry Ice Explosions May Be The Work Of Disgruntled Employee

Second Dry Ice Bomb Reported At LAX

Los Angeles International Airport police reported Tuesday of a second dry ice explosion at LAX on Monday evening.

The Inquisitr originally reported on the LAX dry ice explosions on Monday after reports of explosions in Terminal 2 late Sunday night.

Police have been investigating the situation over the past two days, and have made sure to tighten up security, though that didn’t stop another dry ice explosion from happening.

The Los Angeles Times reported that not only was there another explosion, but that another two bombs were found in a restricted area of the airport.

Police say that the second explosion happened around 8:30 pm Monday evening near the gate area of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

According to ABC News, Deputy Chief Michael Downing says the bombs made by putting dry ice in 20-ounce bottles could have caused serious injury to anyone in close proximity, though no one was hurt.

The report continued on to say that police do consider these dry ice bombs as dangerous as pipe bombs.

One passenger told the Los Angeles Times:

“Given the times we live in, it’s a bit interesting that something like this would happen, even with all the security and all the efforts that people are putting forward.”

Police don’t believe these actions to be apart of any terrorist threats, and have even stated that they believe it to be the work of a disgruntled employee.

They believe it to be the work of an employee because of the locations in which the dry ice bombs had been placed.

In both incidents, the bombs had been placed in restricted, employee only areas, which may be the reason behind how easily the bombs had been placed and had gone through security in the airport.

Police have said that no injuries have been reported in either explosion, and that the second explosion had little impact on airport activity.

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