Madonna Outburst Says F-Word On Live TV, Bleeper Way Too Slow

A Madonna outburst is just one of many she’s had in recent days.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Madonna’s outburst at a theater in Texas got her banned and she caused quite a scene at NYFF’s premiere of 12 Years A Slave.

Today, however, she was unmanageable with another typical Madonna outburst, spitting expletives at 9 AM this morning on Britain’s Channel 4 while announcing the winner of a Turner Prize art award.

Special precautions were put in place to handle a potential Madonna outburst, but she wouldn’t allow anyone from the station to see her speech even though they’d asked for a copy and the station even cautioned the star on language. Despite these efforts, they still weren’t quick enough and failed to properly bleep her choice words of “mother$#%@#$” on live TV. Two apologies were issued by the station.

The Madonna outburst cost the station, with the Independent Television Commission (ITC) finding the station to be in breach of the ITC’s program code:

“The Channel was clearly sufficiently concerned to have put a mechanism in place, in case a problem arose, but the failure properly to cover up Madonna’s outburst.”

Guess they should have been a little quicker on the draw with that censor button… ouch.

What do you think, do Madonna’s outburst mean she’s heading for a breakdown or has all the fame simply gotten to her head?