Kevin Durant To See Distributor Role In Oklahoma City Thunder Future

Kevin Durant Will Be Moving The Ball Around

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant will be moving the ball around more this upcoming NBA season.

Durant’s role will be vital, with Russell Westbrook set to miss the first month of action. Thunder coach Scott Brooks will be leaning on Kevin heavily, with Durant seeing quite a few minutes each game.

“I like to keep his in that 38 minutes,” Brooks said of Kevin Durant, “right around 38 to 40 minutes.”

That puts Kevin Durant on pace to eclipse 3,000 minutes, assuming he plays at least 79 of Oklahoma’s 82 games. As The Oklahoman points out, the last person to play that many minutes for a championship team was Ben Wallace, with the Detroit Pistons in 2004. How will Kevin Durant have to approach this season?

“It’s a lot on me,” Kevin Durant said. “I just got to recover right after games, after practice. I got to eat well. Just make sure my body is right.”

One thing that may help is for Durant, three-time scoring champ, not to have to go it alone.

“We want all of our playmakers to continue to look for guys that need help scoring,” Brooks said of Durant.

“Obviously we got to change some things up with how we play,” Durant said.

Kevin Durant says there is one key to his approach this season that will make the difference.

“I’ve got to be aggressive,” Durant said. “It’s not always aggressive to score but aggressive to make the right play. If I do that we’ll be fine.”

What do you think of Kevin Durant’s new role? Can Kevin Durant keep the Thunder afloat until Westbrook returns? Would Kevin Durant be better off elsewhere?