Yangon Blast Caused By Small Bomb, Three Suspects In Custody

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The Yangon blast that took place at a five star hotel in the city of Myanmar on Monday was the result of a small, homemade time bomb, a police report said on Tuesday.

In a statement, police officer Myint Htwe, said the device was planted in a guest’s room and wounded one American citizen. The incident is the most recent in a series of unexplained attacks in the city.

Three suspects are in custody in relation to the bombing as police continue to investigate if this latest incident is connected to other bombs that have gone off in the city.

Just before midnight on Monday, a blast rocked the Traders Hotel in Yangon ripping a guest room.

On Tuesday morning, two more blasts hit the Mandalay region, but there were no reports of injuries.

A 43-year-old American woman was injured in the Yangon blast and was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for her wounds, which are said to be non-life-threatening.

The woman’s husband and two children, ages five and seven were not hurt.

Sarah Hutchison, the U.S. Embassy press officer stated that the consulate is assisting the family, but had no further comment due to privacy concerns.

Phillip Couvaras, the Traders Hotel manager said that there is an ongoing investigation to determine what exactly happened and at this time there is no further comment.

Myanmar used to see frequent small blasts like the one that took place on Monday while under the rule of the military, however, these incidents have been few and far between in recent years.

There has been no claim of responsibility thus far for the Yangon blast, which comes at a time when the nation is getting ready to host the Southeast Asian games in December.