The Hartford Colonials have next to no coaching staff

Granted the powers that be in the United Football League have not done much to give any of us confidence that the UFL can continue. The new expansion team, Virginia Destroyers, have fell flat on their faces and the Hartford Colonials coaching staff has been picked pretty well empty by the NFL. That means the two UFL teams on the east coast do not have a head coach and the beginning of the third UFL season is not that far off as August is rapidly approaching. More than that this is a league that needs a PR win, and landing a big time name to coach the Colonials would certainly be a huge win.

In the case of the Colonials the news is actually a little worse. They were an original UFL team but if the third season starts they will be under their third head coach. Ted Cottrell coached the team in 2009 when they were the New York Sentinels, and Chris Palmer coached the team last year. It seems the NFL is far more interested in the Colonials coaches than their players, and that itself is a little curios.

In two years this team has racked up a 3-11 record, by far the worse record of any UFL team. That of course includes a winless 2009 campaign so selling this team to a big time name may be next to impossible. It is a PR win this league desperately needs, but seems unable to deliver. They also cannot begin building a new staff until a new head man is in charge.

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