Safe Injection Sites: Supervised Drug Injections Making It ‘Safer’ To Use Illegal Drugs?

safe injection sites

Safe injection sites are creating a stir as people mull over the rather ironic option of offering supervised injections of illegal drugs.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors of a dangerous new and allegedly flesh-eating drug Krokodil have recently circulated in the US.

The creation of safe injection sites is a move intended to allow drug users to utilize the safe injection sites to stem the complications of illegal drug use, such as overdose or HIV and hepatitis transmission. Many, however, believe it is sending the wrong message and flies in the face of standing drug policies.

Most recently, Canada is now considering the possibility of a safe injection site in Toronto and London, Ontario. In London, politicians are predicting public opposition will be “biblical.” A survey of readers at found 56 percent oppose a safe injection site.

Leading the opposition to this move in London is Greg Thompson, community activist and respected progressive. While the opposition concedes to medical officials that supervised drug injections are a healthier option for the addicted, he and many others believe that such a move would not be in the best interest of the community:

“There will be a firestorm, and I’d be at the head of it along with a lot of reasonable people. I can’t imagine any neighbourhood (in London) will stand idly by and allow a safe injection site”

Quite a few European countries have already created safe injection sites, including Germany, Spain and The Netherlands. In Paris, plans for safe injection sites have been canceled by France’s top administrative court on the basis that such a move could not proceed without changes to the existing laws.

No safe injection sites exist In the US, but the Drug Policy Alliance is advocating their creation.

What do you think of the possibility of safe injection sites in the United States: are they worthwhile or damaging to the communities in which they are created?