Dog Eats Toes Of Sleeping Owner

A Swedish dog owner woke up to find that three of his infected toes had been eaten by his pet pooch.

Micke Thomasson slept through the dog’s mutilation of his feet, even though Laddie had been munching away at his toes.

Mr Thomasson didn’t notice because he was on such heavy medication. He told the Sundsvall Tining newspaper, “A friend of mine who was staying over came into my bedroom in the morning with a cup of tea. He yelled, ‘The dog has eaten up your toes!'”

However, the rest of Mr Thomasson’s toes were saved because of the medication that he had been taking. According to the vet, the morphine that was in the owner’s bloodstream put the dog to sleep.

Mr Thomasson went on to note, “He worked hard during the night, when he woke up he was completely exhausted.”

After being involved in a car crash over 30 years ago, Mr Thomasson, who hails from Sundsvall, Sweden, decided against having his foot amputated. He went on to cite that it “didn’t feel right” to have surgery on it, despite the fact that he had sores and ulcers over it.

Rather than being angry at Laddie for gorging on his body, Mr Thomasson instead has noted that he is the “reason I want to live.” He went on to add, “Without him, I would have closed up the business long ago. The leg was in poor shape and need to go; now I feel better.”

Earlier this summer, a paralysed man from Tumann, Arkansas, awoke to find a stray dog, which he had taken in to ease his pain, had eaten his testicle as he slept. The 39-year-old unnamed man noticed that the dog was between his legs when he woke up, and that he was covered in his blood.

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[Image via iko/Shutterstock]