EndThisNow Trends On Twitter As GOP Admits There’s No End Game


The hashtag #EndThisNow has been trending on Twitter, as President Obama’s social media team goes gangbusters on the lengthily persisting government shutdown.

The official @BarackObama account has been tweeting with the #EndThisNow hashtag, as has the Organizing For Action OFA Truth Team, with many on Twitter harnessing the hashtags momentum to encourage lawmakers to end the government shutdown.

Over two weeks into the shutdown, the demands of the Republican party remain unclear — and with less than 48 hours on the clock before default comes into play, the President said Monday that the GOP has shown no sign of capitulating despite a lack of clear path for their shutdown designs:

“If Republicans aren’t willing to set aside their partisan concerns in order to do what’s right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting, and defaulting could have a potentially devastating effect on the economy.”

However, Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) doesn’t seem to have lost as much faith in the GOP’s caucus as the President, and he tells the New York Times that his party will buck up and swerve to avoid default at the last minute — King says:

“We’re now backed into a corner. We have to do this by Thursday. We have to make it work, but it’s not going to be perfect.”

House Speaker John Boehner admits that the party has not planned past shutting down the government, and said after a Tuesday meeting:

“There are a lot of opinions about what direction to go… There have been no decisions about what exactly we will do.”

Over on Twitter, the White House tweeted:

Tea Party Republicans are threatening an economic shutdown. Tell them to #EndThisNow: http://t.co/gbSZdOyRqe pic.twitter.com/g7JWG1OvLy

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 15, 2013

Over on BarackObama.com, a special page has been added to enable constituents to send pre-set tweets using the #EndThisNow hashtag.