Cory Booker Does Too Live In Newark, Handlers Fire Back [New Truther Movement]

cory booker saves dog

Cory Booker is definitely responsible in some ways for lending a bit of credibility and cool to the beleaguered city of Newark — but the well-known rising star in the Democratic party came in for some bizarre criticism over the weekend when opponents alleged that Booker doesn’t even live in Newark.

Yes, Cory Booker got Mean Girlsed, and the political Regina George essentially hit him with the equivalent of “Cory doesn’t even go here!”

Opponent Steve Lonegan went so far as to hold a press conference to address Cory Booker, alleged poser, right in front of “Cory Booker’s Purported Residence.” Which we think also counts officially as the first time ever someone has been accused of lying to say they live in Newark, rather than lying and saying they live not in Newark when they actually do.

Lonegan also officially went on the record as a Cory Booker truther, asserting his belief that Booker indeed doesn’t even go here. But Booker’s people say the rumor is silly, and his communications director Kevin Griffis described the claim as “laughable” and “desperate.”

Griffis said:

“Cory Booker has lived for 16 years in some of Newark’s toughest neighborhoods, including for seven years on Hawthorne Avenue, fighting every day to make the city a better place for its residents… Steve Lonegan showed up there for an hour today to pull another laughable, desperate stunt to distract people from his extreme positions, which would make everything that’s wrong with Washington worse.”

Still, Lonegan seems unconvinced, and he probably wants to see the tenancy certificate… long-form. The Booker opponent cites a suspect late-September move as he charges:

“In the middle of a major U.S. Senate race? And preparing for a major debate against me? It speaks for itself.”

While Cory Booker truthers have dominated the news about Newark’s mayor this week, it wasn’t the young politician’s only challenge — early this month, Booker’s father died at the age of 76.