[Cool Stuff] 96% accurate cancer detection for $200

One of the great things about the speed at which technology is affecting scientific research and medical advancements is that researchers are constantly coming up with new methods to diagnose the diseases that are plaguing our society.

Case in point is news that a team of scientists from Harvard University and MIT have created a scanner that can detect cancer within one hour, and only for $200. Not only is the cost of this device pretty incredible but the accuracy of the scanner is 96%, which bests the current standard of 84%.

The hand-held scanner “uses antibodies and magnetic particles to seek out and flag cancer in cells, which are extracted with a needle, rather than large amounts of surgically removed tissue.” Diagnostic results can then be processed on a smartphone like the iPhone through an app and within an hour, you’ll know if that tumorous tissue is cancer or not.


image via DVICE – source: PhysOrg