Irritating man punched in the face after Zoidberg impression

Okay, understandable.

Comedy Central is reporting that a man’s uninvited Zoidberg impression didn’t go over well during a late night jaunt in early February, and the Futurama fan suffered a chipped tooth and possible broken nose during the ensuing dustup. (Do x-rays take over two weeks to develop?) The unidentified victim described Zoidberg as “a lobster doctor that walks sideways with his claws out and makes noise,” and told police:

When “Zoidberg” passed another man on the street, the other man reportedly asked, “What did you say to me?” The 22-year-old’s friends pulled him away from the man, “telling him, ‘keep going, he said nothing to you,’ ” according to the report.

The man reportedly followed for about 20 feet and threw the punch. The alleged assailant, who is known by the 22-year-old, reportedly ran away, the report states.

The victim says he would like to press charges against the man who punched him. In fairness, perhaps doing Zoidberg impressions should be punishable by at least a fine.