October 20, 2017
Boston Cop At Red Sox Game Goes Viral After Joyful Celebration

A Boston Cop attending a Red Sox game stole the spotlight during game two of the MLB playoffs. The officer, identified as Steve Horgan, was watching as David Ortiz hit a grand slam to tie up game two of the series run against the Detroit Tigers.

Horgan threw his hands up in the air just as Detroit's Torii Hunter flipped over the bullpen wall in the outfield.

The Boston Cops grand slam celebration went viral thanks to a slow-motion video of the grand slam circulating around YouTube.

Since being uploaded on October 13 the video has racked up 28,479 views.

The police officer didn't realize he had gone viral until after the game. After looking at his phone he found 20 text messages from family and friends.

Steve Horgan not only became a viral Red Sox symbol, he also met with some players in the parking lot after the game. Before leaving the stadiums property he took a photo with team owner John Henry

Talking to ESPN Boston the officer says, "I couldn't even hear myself, it was so loud." He then added, "I can't believe it, I don't know what to think. I can't believe it. It was an awesome feeling."

Horgan started growing his beard 10 days before the victory and his boss has informed the officer to stop shaving as long as the Boston Red Sox keep winning.

The Boston Cop has gone from attending a Red Sox game to becoming the face of a playoff run, even landing his bearded mug on the front page of the Boston Globe sports section. And to think he was just celebrating a really big grand slam homerun like every other fan at Fenway Park.