“WaitingRoom” Facebook app goes a step further than “Breakup Notifier”

Was the now-suspended “Breakup Notifier” Facebook app a bit too passive for you?

If you have designs on a person whose Facebook relationship status precludes you from making a move, there was the “Breakup Notifier” app to give you a jump on newly-single Facebook friends on which you’ve had an eye. It was derided as pretty creepy, but while it was available, millions of Facebookers signed up for the opportunity to engage in a bit of inbox schadenfraude. Bad? Perhaps. But a similar yet more invasive app one-ups the relationship status stalking to a level that could actually precipitate a breakup rather than just tell you it happened.

“Give me a call when you’re single” is generally not very successful as a pickup lead-in, probably not in small measures because the target is taken. Secret admirers, however, have a bit more of a romantic edge. WaitingRoom is kind of a convergence of the two, explains Mashable, wherein a user compiles a list of interesting but coupled relationship friends. While “Breakup Notifier” merely kept a watchful eye on relationship status fluctuations, “WaitingRoom” actually notifies the object of your interest that someone on their friends list interested in them if their status changes for more than 48 hours- and prompts them to download the app. It seems that your identity as the waiting creeper is revealed at this time, too, so there’s that to consider if the moral qualms of hastening someone else’s relationship demise and subsequent misery wasn’t consideration enough.

While the app works, I can’t help but be reminded of opening the curtain on Let’s Make A Deal to reveal an ostrich or goat. Do you think “WaitingRoom” crosses the line from stalky to just plain mean-spirited?

[WaitingRoom Facebook App]