Selena Gomez Joins Ranks Of Greats: Falls Off Stage, Carries On Lip-Syncing [Video]

Selena Gomez now has something in common with Beyonce, Madonna and other females known for fearless performances. Like them, the Latina proved she can fall off stage --- and recover.

The-21-year-old took a tumble as she performed on her Stars Dance tour in Fairfax, Virginia at the weekend, while dancing up a storm in high heeled boots.

Ironically, Selena was lip-syncing to her electro hit "Slow Down" at the time.

The slip occurred during a part of her routine where she jumps up and down. But this time her feet failed to reconnect with the stage.

Gomez was helped up by one of her backing dancers and covered the mishap by shaking hands with fans as she settled back into formation. To her credit, the actress-singer carried on with the show.

In other Gomez news, the songstress recently hit headlines when her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber released his first single "Heartbreaker" from his new Journals collection. The Canadian revealed it was "a song for people going through a heartbreak --- like I was when I wrote it."

"It means so much to me to be able to share what I was, and still am going through, with my fans," he added.

Rumors of moves by Justin to reunite with Selena have spiked since the single's debut.

For her part, the Spring Breakers star recently shared her reaction to "Heartbreaker" in a radio interview.

"Honestly, that what's so beautiful though about music," Gomez told Buffalo, N.Y.'s KISS 98.5.

"Especially him [Bieber], he's super talented at being able to use what he feels and interpret that through music," she added. "I mean, it's what you do to grow as an artist. It's what I've done and what many people do."

After admitting on The TJ Show that rapper Drake was one of her celebrity crushes but her "butt" wasn't big enough for him, Selena posted an Instagram yesterday (Oct. 14) suggesting she may be ready to seriously date again.

Following a gooseberry outing with her cousin and her beau, the Texas starlet attached a caption to a snap of the apparently loved up couple that read: "Spending time with my cousin and her man... #3rdwheel #singleladyproblems #futurecatlady #werk."

We're sure it won't come to that Selena!