Arby's Customer Finds 2-Foot Curly Fry In His Order

A hungry Arby's customer recently discovered a whopping 2-foot curly fry tucked inside his order from the popular fast food chain.

In this writer's humble opinion, the restaurant's curly fries are the height of the company's culinary offerings. Although folks have encountered an abnormally long fry from time-to-time, it's rare that someone scores one that clocks in at 28 inches in length.

According to The Tuscaloosa News, Gary Young trip to Arby's earlier this month netted him a massive two-foot curly fry. Instead of quickly consuming the seasoned potato strip, the customer decided to snap a picture of this fast food oddity. You can check out the image in question below.

"I was shocked. That's like the biggest fry I've ever seen. I thought it was a snake. I'm gonna try and contact the Guinees Book of World Records," he recently told the outlet.

In order to preserve his find, Young slid the two-foot curly fry into a plastic bag and popped it into his refrigerator. Although he dreams of breaking a world record, MSN points out that someone else discovered an even longer curly fry not too long ago.

Asheville, North Carolina resident Kim Medford discovered a 38-inch Arby's curly fry in her order last February. Like her Tuscaloosa counterpart, Medford decided to keep the foodstuff in case it qualified for some sort of world record. She described the find as "fry-tastic."

Is there some sort of otherworldly phenomenon that creates two-foot curly fries? According an Arby's representative, the explanation is much simpler and a lot less interesting.

"Typically, the packaging, transportation, and cooking process naturally breaks up the fries into smaller pieces, but not always," the rep explained to The Huffington Post.

Check out Gary Young's discovery below.

28-Inch Curly Fry

What do you think about Arby's two-foot curly fry? Have you ever encountered an unusually long french fry from the fast food restaurant?

[Top Image via - Bottom Image via Gary Young]